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3 years ago
This what be happening when your gf doesn't pick up the phone, another man in them guts
Mike 3 years ago
Don’t trust females especially at work
3 years ago
Bitches ain’t shit
3 years ago
I fuck my black co worker all the time. She's married too. But I can't understand why she wants her ass licked all the time. She likes to fuck my face and cum all over it. My face was soaked in her cum last time. I thought I was gonna suffocate with that phat booty bouncing on my face
SMH 2 years ago
This is why you cannot trust a woman or a side fuck has exposed how fucked up society is!!! fucking disgusting....Death to side niggas and side bitches
3 years ago
Luv seeing black chicks ride dick so sensual? Huge fkn turn on!!!!
Thickasswifey 2 years ago
That gas I fucked a female coworker outside on the the back of our job....she was surprised when I pulled my dick out....she sucked it instantly....she pulled down her panties her pussy was so wet....she told me she had been wanting to fuck me for a while so we fucked....she rode the shit out this dick...frfrit is what it is...
Wile e coyote 2 years ago
Okay, this loser is in his bedroom, and he's too retarded to even know how to position the camera right.
2 years ago
She’s Wrong... but on the other hand... you can tell she’s really pretty. Nice body!
2 years ago
Of course It’s always the best when you cheating