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ryan 6 years ago
No way is this her first her ass hole is too wide and who bleaches if you dont get it up there in the first place come on dont treat us all like we dont take notice things and we just jerk off
Willy 6 years ago
Nasty ass hoe. Letting this dude (stranger) nut in her is one thing, but not telling her dude and letting him possibly eat her the next day is the dirtiest of the dirty. Can't trust a nasty hoe y'all.
Wife 7 years ago
Husband would Love to fuck her
Mzlizzy 8 years ago
Damn dude didn't even pay her.. -_-
Xxx 8 years ago
Whats her name?
Jimmy70 9 months ago
She did get pregnant a short time later. Lol wonder if it's ricks
jays 7 years ago
i want to fuck you...
wtf 8 years ago
Haha get your money upfront next time dumb ass xD
Seems a little cool 8 years ago
I like these videos but i have a problem with the deceit of these girls. Just seems like a very cold shot.
Ramona 8 years ago
Pussy I want to lick