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munich 9 years ago
nice, except for "Retarded Loafer's" comments
oooh 8 years ago
Not just beautiful,. she is amazing!
v hey you v 9 years ago
You are obviously either high, blind, or a dirty old petephile... she is a beautiful "woman" now compared to when she had the figure of a 10yo boy. You know there are sites dedicated to the shit you are looking for
Zak 1 week ago
This guy is such a creep
1 month ago
wow she has hairs on her bush now!
anony 1 year ago
fuck i didnt last long wid this her ass is amazing
Patspapats 1 year ago
Someone fix the clock plz. Its out of batery 1hr50mins
Sargeant Badass 3 years ago
Wow. Beata ended up with an incredible ass. Fuck. Dare I say, it's up there with Sasha Grey's beautiful round ass.
Jim 7 years ago
Cute girl.
lol 8 years ago
what a fucking lard ass porker whore, jesus lose some fucking weight you fat cunt